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Our Services

With Techocraft, Your Ideas and dreams are transformed into reality.

Android App Development

As we all know the use of mobile application is gaining more ground by the day. Techocraft has a strong and well experienced team to deliver Android development services that meet even the most challenging requirements. We offer web hosting service at affordable prices. we also have a 24/7 online support to attend to your questions and issues.

Web Design, Development/Hosting

At Techocraft, we have experienced and vibrant developers who will always give the best and well suited web application for your business, school, church e.t.c. We provide both front end and backend development.

Windows Software Development

At techocraft we employ java programming language in the development of effiencient and economic viable windows applications.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When it comes to making your website visible to search engines and to gain higher ranks on search engine, Techocraft team has got it covered for you. With well trained seo specialist, We increase your site's organic traffic through keyword rankings that matter, using industry best practices to produce sustainable SEO gains.

WordPress Services

We have a depth and concrete experience in the use of wordpress for installation of blogs, e-commerce sites, co-operate websites and other related wordPress Services. You are sure of great designs and functionalities. Think wordPress Think Techocraft.

Digital Marketing

Be it advertments of webinars to industry professionals or promoting contents to consumers. we will surely help you meet your goals by deploying our online marketing solutions for the advancement of your business.

ICT Consultancy

You can consult us for your ICT related works/projects. We are always eager to to deploy our knowledge and skills in ICT to move your business to maximum level.

ICT Training Academy

For development and advancement of ICT in our nation at large, it is imperative to bring in more hands, not just more but well nutured and trained hands into the game. Therefore at Techocraft we also offer training on different professional ICT courses like full Stack Web Development courses which entails HTML, css, php/mysql, javascript, jquery and Ajax, Java and Android Development.

Other Services

We offer other ICT related services like computer installations, Graphics design. We are always eager to give our clients the best.

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